`More than money to everyone´ is not just an empty slogan; it is a promise. A promise that means we are committed to providing a fast, uncomplicated and confidential lending service to all of our customers around the globe.

A pioneer in the industry and the first company to launch the Mobile Microloan service in Europe, the Ferratum Group has rapidly grown in seven years into one of the world’s largest mobile microlending institution with 20 offices and over 220 dedicated employees which has now served over 1.5 million customers worldwide. 

Fast and friendly

Customers choose to secure a loan from Ferratum for many reasons. They benefit from the same level of security and professionalism they would receive from a bank, but enjoy added value from the speed, simplicity and openness of our service. In many cases, loans can be agreed within a matter of minutes with minimal amounts of red tape.

Our success is partly due to our simple loan application process, quick service and strict security. The rest is down to the expertise of our employees whose dedication, knowhow and service skills help retain customers and gain referrals all over the world. 

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